13/08/2018 // ENCÉFALO: ‘DeaThrone’ available for listening on YouTube

ENCÉFALO’s brand new album, ‘DeaThrone’, is free for listening in YouTube! Just follow the link: If you want to listen to one of the most acclaimed albums of the year in another media channels, ‘DeaThrone’ is also available in the … Continue reading

13/08/2018 // TCHANDALA: Watch the band playing ‘Resilience’ in a great live performance

TCHANDALA released on the band’s official YouTube channel their fantastic live performance for the title track of the new album, ‘Resilience’. The performance was at Trincheira Festival in Lagarto/SE and the images were captured by Rússeo Alcântara. Watch it: ‘Resilience’ … Continue reading

13/08/2018 // DYSNOMIA: ‘Anagnorisis’ finally available on Spotify and other digital platforms

Some albums blow the Brazilian heavy metal underground scene. ‘Anagnorisis’, the second full length album by the band DYSNOMIA is now available in the best digital music channels in the world. Spotify and iTunes are now online too. Follow the … Continue reading

13/08/2018 // DEEP MEMORIES: Album cover for ‘Rebuilding The Future’ is presented

Closer to releasing their long-awaited debut album, DEEP MEMORIES presents another important detail from ‘Rebuilding The Future’: The cover art. Like everything in this project leaded by Douglas Martins, the cover art is also signed by the musician and like … Continue reading

13/08/2018 // MYRKGAND: New album recordings in Europe are done!

When the musician Dmitry Luna is considered one of the Brazilian Metal workaholics, it is true. Since the MYRKGAND was born, this talented musician works unceasingly in his project. After the great self-titled debut album, MYRKGAND did not stop and … Continue reading

03/08/2018 // HEAVIEST: Dedicated to the war children from Africa, “Blood” is the band’s new single

As well as the whole album “The Wall Of Chaos-t”, whose theme revolves around complex and often controversial subjects to show the reality that we many times deny, the new single “Blood” – that has just been made available – … Continue reading

03/08/2018 // DROWNED: Watch now the new lyric video ‘Elitist Heaven Ruled by Devil’

The devastation doesn’t stop! DROWNED continue to destroy our ears and necks with every new song presented from their newly released album, ‘7th’. Now it’s the turn of the track ‘Elitist Heaven Ruled by Devil’ to receive a lyric video, … Continue reading

03/08/2018 // SUN DIAMOND: ‘Let Me Drunk (and R.I.P.)’ is the group’s new lyric video, check it out!

SUN DIAMOND’s new lyric video for the song ‘Let Me Drunk (and R.I.P.)’ is on air, one of the most peculiar tracks of the debut, ‘Sun Diamond’. The editing of the video was in the hands of Marcelo Silva and … Continue reading

03/08/2018 // HELLWAY PATROL: Watch part of the show at Hellway Fest

The first edition of Hellway Fest, which featured the bands HELLWAY PATROL, Claustrofobia, Woslom and Corpsia, was a success! To share a bit of how their show was, HELLWAY PATROL have released a snippet on Facebook. Although short, only a … Continue reading

27/07/2018 // INRAZA: Feel the group’s power on their first music video ‘Ruined Before Creation’

The wait is over! Formed by experienced musicians from the underground scene of São Paulo, INRAZA have been attracting attention and generating much interest in how their mix of traditional and modern would sound. Doubts are over now! Their first … Continue reading

27/07/2018 // DEEP MEMORIES: Band announces debut album, title and tracklist

After the successful release of the promotional EP ‘In Too Deep…’, DEEP MEMORIES are preparing for the release of their debut album. Titled ‘Rebuilding The Future’, the album not only gives continuity to the EP proposal, but also brings more … Continue reading

27/07/2018 // HEAVIEST: Career’s sophomore album “The Wall Of Chaos-t” is officially released

HEAVIEST’s long awaited new album “The Wall Of Chaos-t” is officially released. The work released independently and with distribution in Brazil by Shinigami Records can now be purchased on the website www.SowStore.com.br With the production by Guto Mantesso and co-production … Continue reading

27/07/2018 // MYRKGAND: Drums of the new album are already recorded

MYRKGAND’s Pandora box is always full of amazes and once again surprises us and announces that the drums of the band’s second album are already recorded! Shortly after announcing that German drummer Kevin Kott (MasterPlan, At Vance) would be responsible … Continue reading

27/07/2018 // NERVOCHAOS: Demo-Tape ‘Of Evil and Men’ is available for sale

The newest work of NERVOCHAOS, the demo-tape ‘Of Evil and Men’, is available for sale. The tape features four tracks, three new songs and a cover for Bathory’s ‘Sacrifice’, which features vocals from The Black Spade Cavalo Bathory (ex-Amazarak). The … Continue reading

27/07/2018 // DARKSHIP: Beautiful cover of ‘Between The Shadows’ is presented

DARKSHIP’s sophomore album already has a title and now also presents its cover and once again DARKSHIP surprise presenting a beautiful cover to follow the disc’s concept. Once again the art was in the hands of Carlos Fides (www.artside.com.br), an … Continue reading

23/07/2018 // HEAVIEST: Announced the release date of “The Wall Of Chaos-t”

HEAVIEST finally announce the official release date for “The Wall Of Chaos-t” for July 23. Those who already had access to the material evaluated the album positively, putting “The Wall Of Chaos-t” among the candidates among the best albums of … Continue reading

21/07/2018 // INRAZA: Presented title and cover of the band’s first single!

It is coming close to one of the new promises of Brazilian Metal to prove all the expectations created around them. INRAZA have just presented the title and cover art of their first single! With the title of ‘Ruined Before … Continue reading

13/07/2018 // KHORIUM: Heavy criticism on new lyric video ‘Cortina de Fumaça’

KHORIUM are back with their new single, ‘Curtina de Fumaça’ (‘Smoke Curtain’), which has just been released in lyric video format. Taken from their most recent work, the EP ‘Manual Prático do Brasil’ (‘Practical Manual of Brazil’), the single follows … Continue reading

13/07/2018 // DROWNED: New music video ‘The Bitter Art of Detestation’ is available, watch now!

The new music video for DROWNED is available, the song chosen for the video is the track that opens the new album, ‘7th’, and takes the title of ‘The Bitter Art of Detestation’. The clip features images from the group … Continue reading

13/07/2018 // TORMENTA: Revealing more details and some guitar riffs from the new material

The band TORMENTA is still working hard on its new album, which will be the long awaited official album and, in addition to telling us more about the new material, presents a new video with riffs from the new album. … Continue reading