14/09/2018 // HELLWAY PATROL: The Heralds of the Endtime invaded the digital platforms

Besides the 7″ vinyl version, HELLWAY PATROL’s new EP, ‘Desert Ghost’, which is being received in an extremely positive way, is also available on the world’s top digital music platforms. The digital version, extended, is on platforms like Spotify, iTunes, … Continue reading

14/09/2018 // NERVOCHAOS: The new album is getting closer!

The release of the new album of one of the major names of Brazilian metal nowadays is coming closer: NERVOCHAOS. Once again the group was in Italy at Alpha Omega Studios, alongside producer Alex Azzali to record what will be … Continue reading

14/09/2018 // DEEP MEMORIES: Japanese label relases teaser of upcoming album ‘Rebuilding The Future’

Japanese label Invasion of Solitude Records, responsible for releasing the album ‘Rebuilding The Future’, debut of Brazilian one-man-band DEEP MEMORIES, has just released a teaser with excerpts of all the songs that will be on the album. ‘Rebuilding The Future’ … Continue reading

14/09/2018 // VNS VINICIUS: Guitarist prepares his first solo album

Talented musician and producer VNS VINICIUS is preparing his first studio album, which will be released on October 1st on the world’s leading digital music distributors, in addition to its physical version. Under the title ‘Instrumental’, the album will feature … Continue reading

14/09/2018 // SHADOWS LEGACY: Tracklist of ‘Lost Humanity’ is featured

Getting closer to the release of their second album, SHADOWS LEGACY present a bit more of ‘Lost Humanity’ details. ‘Lost Humanity’ will feature 11 tracks that were distributed as follows: 1. Intro 2. Sea Of Revenge 3. Tough Ain’t Enough … Continue reading

14/09/2018 // TCHANDALA: Awesome music video for the track ‘Labyrinth’ is available

And the partnership between TCHANDALA and the multimedia artist Marlon Delano continues to gather fruits. Now it is the turn of the partners to present the result of the new work together: a beautiful music video. The song chosen for … Continue reading

06/09/2018 // DEEP MEMORIES: The new album will become a reference for the style according to Roadie Crew Magazine

“Introspective, exciting and very deep.” With these words started the review published on the website of the famous Brazilian magazine Roadie Crew about DEEP MEMORIES debut album: ‘Rebuilding The Future’. The first album from Douglas Martins project is not released … Continue reading

29/08/2018 // TCHANDALA: Lyric video featuring Ripper Owens!

TCHANDALA released in their official YouTube channel the lyric video of the song ‘Caesar’ featuring the great Tim “Ripper” Owens. Check it out: ‘Caesar’ is another song from the album ‘Resilience’ and it’s available in the best music streaming services: … Continue reading

29/08/2018 // ARMAHDA: Interview with the band at Metal Days festival

  On July 25, ARMAHDA performed in Metal Days festival at Tolmin – Slovakia. The festival also featured the Brazilian Max Cavaleira and Soulfly, as well Behemoth, Accept, Judas Priest, Kataklysm, Loudness, Rage, Belphegor and many others great bands. The … Continue reading

27/08/2018 // HEAVIEST: ‘Like Those Ones’ is the new – and awesome – music video, watch now

HEAVIEST don’t cease to astonish and release anothe awesome music video, this time for the track ‘Like Those Ones’, taken from the brand new album ‘The Wall Of Chaos-t’. The video was once again produced by MondoCão Filmes, with technical … Continue reading

27/08/2018 // SHADOWS LEGACY: Cover art for the upcoming album, ‘Lost Humanity’, is presented

It’s available the coverart for the new upcoming SHADOWS LEGACY’s album: ‘Lost Humanity’. The art is due to Léo Amorim, artista also responsible for the cover of the band’s debut ‘You’re Going Straight To Hell’, 2014. Until the release, SHADOWS … Continue reading

27/08/2018 // MYRKGAND: Debut album release in Poland and exclusive t-shirts

It´s coming the release date for the ‘MYRKGAND’ debut album by the Polish label MARA Production, in a deluxe digipack version. The polish label will also release an exclusive t-shirts series. ‘MYRKGAND’ is a Pagan Epic Black Metal project leaded … Continue reading

27/08/2018 // DROWNED: ‘7th’ also available for free listening no YouTube

Brazilian legend DROWNED recently released their new album, ‘7th’, now the group made it available for free listening on YouTube. The album ‘7th’ was released in Brazil by Cogumelo Records and in North America by Greyhaze. The physical version is … Continue reading

27/08/2018 // LOSNA: To perform two concerts in Argentina

LOSNA are set to present their Bitter Thrash Metal in Argentina. The group will present two concerts. They will be twon concerts in the same city, Córdoba, the first, on Sptember 7, at Carlos Paz Metal Fest, the second, one … Continue reading

27/08/2018 // DAMAGEWAR: EP ‘Dead Skin Devourer’ available on all major digital apps

It´s already available on the major digital platforms DAMAGEWAR’s newest EP, ‘Dead Skin Devourer’. Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6b2xHgA9JX8HfhEJHUVeIq?si=bZ6RA9LfQVG7twfgGJL6ug iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/br/album/dead-skin-devourer-single/1421413975 Google: https://goo.gl/SccH9v Deezer: https://www.deezer.com/br/album/69827152 The EP was recorded at the band’s home studio and at Flight Studio, qhere the mix and master were done. The cover … Continue reading

27/08/2018 // KHORIUM: Two tracks in a Latin American compilation

The band KHORIUM is in the virtual compilation: “Compilado Gasolero Punk Rock Vol.16” with two tracks: “Midiocracia” and “Cortina de Fumaça”. The compilation was organized in Argentina but with socially engaged bands from several Latin American countries (Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, … Continue reading

27/08/2018 // DEEP MEMORIES: ‘Rebuilding The Future’ release date is revealed. Pre-order also available

‘Rebuilding The Future’, the long awaited debut album from the project leaded by Douglas Martins: DEEP MEMORIES already has its release date – September, 21. The pre-sale is also available in the band’s official website: www.deepmemories.com.br Douglas Martins also concepted … Continue reading

13/08/2018 // FABRICIO PEREIRA: ‘Death Row’, guitarist’s first solo album, is available digitally

DYSNOMIA’s guitarist, FABRICIO PEREIRA, recently released his first solo album on digital platforms. Under the title of ‘Death Row’, the album features seven tracks that go through the musician’s endless range of influences: Paul Gilbert, Yngwie Malmsteen, Vinnie Moore, Tony … Continue reading

13/08/2018 // ENCÉFALO: ‘DeaThrone’ available for listening on YouTube

ENCÉFALO’s brand new album, ‘DeaThrone’, is free for listening in YouTube! Just follow the link: If you want to listen to one of the most acclaimed albums of the year in another media channels, ‘DeaThrone’ is also available in the … Continue reading

13/08/2018 // TCHANDALA: Watch the band playing ‘Resilience’ in a great live performance

TCHANDALA released on the band’s official YouTube channel their fantastic live performance for the title track of the new album, ‘Resilience’. The performance was at Trincheira Festival in Lagarto/SE and the images were captured by Rússeo Alcântara. Watch it: ‘Resilience’ … Continue reading