News published Friday, July 27, 2018

DARKSHIP’s sophomore album already has a title and now also presents its cover and once again DARKSHIP surprise presenting a beautiful cover to follow the disc’s concept.

Once again the art was in the hands of Carlos Fides (, an artist who has worked with names like Evergrey, Kamelot and who was responsible for the cover of DARKSHIP’s first album, ‘We Are Lost’.

Like the song, title and lyrics of the group, the art is also connected with the theme that follows the saga of ‘Darkship’, the band explains better:

“The art created by the designer Carlos Fides for the cover of the album ‘Between the Shadows’ is genius, complex and at the same time very significant, it comes to represent very well the band’s sound, which is a continuous search for portals, for a of the characters of the plot, always trying to escape from the worlds of the Darkship. The curious thing is that the image speaks for itself and before we even released ‘We Are Lost’, we already had this cover in hand and when I saw the art for the first time, at the same time I knew it had everything to do with what we wanted , and it worked perfectly with the album’s proposal.”

Before, the band had explained more about the album’s title, ‘Between The Shadows’, to better understand, visit:


Recently the DARKSHIP also announced details of the production of ‘Between The Shadows’: it will be recorded in one of the biggest studios in Latin America: the São Paulo studio Fusão.For the production was chosen one of the main names nowadays, the musician and producer Thiago Bianchi , an old man known for his great works alongside bands like Noturnall, Shaman and many others.

‘Between The Shadows’ is in pre-production and more news will be presented periodically.

The award-winning debut ‘We Are Lost’ is on the planet’s top digital music platforms:

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If you prefer physical material, the debut and all official DARKSHIP material can be purchased through the link:

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