News published Friday, July 13, 2018

After announcing that the new album will be recorded at one of Brazil’s top studios, São Paulo’s Fusão, with one of the names of Brazilian heavy music, Thiago Bianchi, producing, it’s time for DARKSHIP to announce the title of the long awaited album.

The second disc of the group receives the title of ‘Between The Shadows’ and the drummer Joel Pagliarini tells us about the choice of the name:

“‘Between The Shadows’ album was named after working on our theme in a way that worked both with the previous and the next album, already thought, not only with a sequence of stories in our conceptual lyrics, but with a continuation also for the albums and their titles, with a repertoire of songs that will pass between several of the dark worlds of Darkship.

“Starting from the album ‘We Are Lost’, which is the first part of the conceptual trilogy, we have previously created an idea so that we can continue the plot in this second part of the story, not only in lyrics and arrangements, but also something involving the name given to the albums, we wanted something that built a pattern that will be closing as a puzzle as the story is building, also counting the names of the albums that will merge with the theme that the group has been developing.

“We believe that ‘Between The Shadows’ is a very strong name for a darker, dense album, not forgetting to continue bringing modern melodies, but thus leaving something more appealing to the audience that accompanies us.”

‘Between The Shadows’ is in pre-production and more news will be presented periodically.

The award-winning debut ‘We Are Lost’ is on the planet’s top digital music platforms:

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Those who prefer physical material, ‘We Are Lost’ and all official DARKSHIP material can be purchased directly with the band.


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