News published Saturday, April 21, 2018

In addition to the physical version of their newly released album, ‘Accept The Death’, FUNERATUS also made available the work in digital format on the main distributors of digital music around the globe.

To check the disc, simply search on your favorite app or visit one of the links below:


The physical version was released in Brazil by Distro Rock and Extreme Sound labels and can now be purchased directly with the band via email or Facebook.

‘Accept The Death’ is the third album of the career of one of the most celebrated and respected Death Metal bands in Brazil. The work has the musician Fábio Laguna (formerly Angra, Hangar) as a guest and with the mixing and mastering done in Germany, in the legendary Stage One studio where Tankard, Krisiun, Belphegor, Destruction and Rotting Christ have already passed. Packing the work is an art by talented artist Alcides Burn.

Remembering that FUNERATUS released the first official music video of their history. The song chosen is the title track, ‘Accept The Death’, watch:



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