News published Friday, April 06, 2018

With the recording coming to an end, 4BANNED give us more details about their first work.

The first novelty shared with us is nothing more than the title of the work: the disc was baptized ‘Sanatorium’. The band tells us more about the choice:

“The title, which features a song on the album of the same name, was based on the story of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, which became known as, beyond the tuberculosis deaths, there were also other embarrassing things that left us a little confused and intrigued, along with this, in the midst of this madness that was Waverly Hills and is our real life, nothing better to have the album titled ‘Sanatorium’, where in the songs, we approach daily themes such as pedophilia, war, corruption, anti-religion, individualisms, then we want to show everyone, what is this ‘Sanatorium’ of horrors.”

‘Sanatorium’ is being recorded in São Paulo, at the renowned Casanegra, studio captained by musician/producer Raphael Augusto Lopes (Torture Squad, Imminent Attack).

“We are well on the way, the material is coming out better than we imagined, because the partnership with Augusto, made the whole band have a better view of each composition, based on the style proposed by everyone. The expectation of the band is that everyone also enjoy our material!” – ends the group.

The album is scheduled for the second half and more news will be presented soon.


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