News published Wednesday, April 04, 2018

The first EP from KHORIUM is available, ‘Manual Prático do Brasil’ (portuguese for ‘Practical Handbook of Brazil’), a work that, in addition to officially debut the band, sticks its fingers into the already wide-open wound of our country and our planet.

The EP has five songs sung in Portuguese and faithfully show the characteristics of the group that combines heaviness, groove, Metal guitar riffs with Rap beast and Funk bass in a Crossover with acidic lyrics, expressing a critical view on the current situation of Brazil and the world.

‘Manual Prático do Brasil’ was released by Mosh Records, distributed by Voice Music and is also available on the main streaming applications in the world, some links:


The album was recorded at studio Total Produções Artísticas, produced by G. Moreira and had the cover created by Rogério Fortes.

A clip for the track ‘Midiocracia’ was recently released. The direction/production by Total Produções and the locations by Canjah Records: