News published Friday, March 16, 2018

Founded in 2002 by guitarist and producer Glauber Oliveira and with two albums in the discography, CARAVELLUS announce their return with a new lineup.

The new faces are Leandro Caçoilo (Vocal) and Fernando Molinari (bass), who join the remnants Glauber Oliveira (Dark Avenger), guitarist and founding member, Daniel Felix (Nando Fernandes) pianist and keyboard player, and Pedro Nunes on drums.

The band reports that the first project for the new lineup is the release of an EP, still for this year, containing some tracks from the album ‘Knowledge Machine’ (2010), in the voice of Leandro Caçoilo. In parallel, the group continues working on a new album, record that will close a gap of eight years since the release of the last album.

About this new phase, the guitarist and leader of the band Glauber adds:

“In my point of view, the choices were perfect. Caravellus, mainly from the ‘Knowledge Machine’, has a peculiar style of making Progressive Metal. We go through all aspects of Heavy Metal, besides flirting with Jazz, Fusion and Brazilian music. Being versatile is essential within the band and both Fernando Molinari and Leandro Caçoilo are complete musicians.”

A single from the EP ‘Corsairs In Black’ can be checked:

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