News published Thursday, December 14, 2017

SEVERAL EYES posted on their YouTube channel a totally “metalized” version of the classic Depeche Mode song, ‘Enjoy The Silence’.

With an impeccable performance and great talent, the band’s version was able to create something very special, different and at the same time without breaking the magic of the original music, check out:

It is also available on Facebook:

SEVERAL EYES continue to finalize their debut, ‘Several Eyes’, recorded at the group’s studio and produced by the musicians themselves. The cover is an art from the Brazilian company Obze Artwork (Project46, The Last Theoria and Mugo).

The band released a new track taken from album for audition. The song is ‘Final Front’, beautiful blend of Traditional Heavy with a Thrash style and hints of modern riffs:

SEVERAL EYES was formed in mid-2015 and have as a proposal to perform a Traditional Heavy Metal with some influences of Modern Metal, showing versatility in their style. So far the group has released 2 EPs: ‘Eternal Flame’ and ‘Overturn’, both digitally.


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