News published Thursday, December 14, 2017

MAVERICK INC’s new single is available. The work bears the title ‘Culturally Disfigured’ and comes loaded with meanings and messages.

“From today we begin a new cycle, we direct our sound and our words to our country; We fight with weapons that do not physically hurt, we carry riffs and shoot through our sound. We strongly believe in the power of the people, of our people, we are convinced that unity and mutual respect is the only way to save our country from the filthy clutches of those who corrupt it day after day.”

Without further words, listen:

‘Culturally Disfigured’ was recorded at Under Studio in Ribeirão Preto and produced by musician and producer Romulo Ramazini. The artwork of the cover was in the hands of Gabriel Sernaglia himself and lyric video is an edition of Raven Productions.

This is the first release after the 2015’s album ‘The Motor Becomes My Voice’, and now they’re looking forward to the second album in 2018!


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