News published Thursday, November 16, 2017

ENDRAH have just released their new single/video clip, ‘Your Life Deleted’, which introduced their new drummer, Henrique Pucci (ex-Project46, Paura) to the world, and now make it available on the main streaming service nowadays: SPOTIFY.

‘Your Life Deleted’ not only features the new lineup, but an even more technical, complex, cohesive and very heavy band. To listen to the single on Spotify visit:

Those who prefer to watch the incredible performance of the musicians can check out the video of ‘Your Life Deleted’ through the link:

The work was produced by Tiago Hospede and features cover art by Hugo Silva (Abacrombie Ink).

The band has a new virtual store where they have several payment and shipping options. All the official merchandise, ranging from T-shirts, hoodies, shorts, CDs, is available there, check out the link:


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