News published Friday, October 06, 2017

Closing the process of presenting the new lineup, DARKSHIP proudly announce their new guitarist.

The musician Julio Cesar de Azeredo is part of the new formation of the Brazilian group. The guitarist began his musical experience in 2006 at the age of 9 through guitar and over the years began to study deeper the instrument.

“I had the pleasure of seeing Julio’s musical training from an early age, a very dedicated guy who quickly evolved and stood out among the region’s musicians. After a selection that lasted three months, Julio was the chosen one and, sure enough, he is the guitarist that fits most the band’s profile.” – celebrates the drummer Joel Pagliarini.

Julio tells how was his entry to the DARKSHIP: “I already knew that it would not be easy, and it was not. The band has been working professionally since 2010 and all its members are very experienced, I had to do my best to try to please the team.”

DARKSHIP’s line-up consolidates with Silvia Cristina and Marcos Follador on vocals, Joel Pagliarini on drums, Rodrigo Schäfer on bass, Ander Santos on violin and Julio Cesar de Azeredo on guitar.

The band invites everyone to check out the newly released ‘You Can Go Back’ video clip:


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