News published Thursday, September 14, 2017

With their above-average charisma and talent, the musicians of SCELERATA were able to reshape Motörhead’s classic ‘Asylum Choir’ (‘March ör Die’, 1992) without taking away the essence of one of the group’s most visceral songs.

The song was released on the Brazilian tribute to the English trio, ‘Going To Brazil… The Brazilian Tribute To Motörhead’, released by the British label Secret Service Records.

Now it is also available on the SCELERATA’s channels through the links:


The video, live, was recorded at Rock n’ Bira and featured direction, images and editing by Luigi Argimon, images by Guilherme Martins and production by Abstratti Produtora.

SCELERATA follow the preparations for the new album. The work will show a renewed band with a foot in their roots and eyes in the future and for this, the group is sparing no efforts and went to Los Angeles to record the drums with production by the renowned Adair Daufembach.

Recalling that the band’s latest work, the worldwide acclaimed ‘The Sniper’, has just been made available on Spotify:


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