News published Friday, September 01, 2017

For its first album, Brazilian TRANSCENDENT sought to work with one of the most respected names in heavy music worldwide and sent the disc for mastering in the United States.

Andy Vandette, a producer who has worked with bands such as Rush, Deep Purple, Tool, David Bowie and another long list of big names, has been chosen for this feat.

“Working with Andy Vandette was a great pleasure. Very polite and professional, after hearing what kind of sonority we wanted to master, with his experience and expertise, he achieved the perfect result. As we knew from his experience with bands like Dream Theater, Rush and Tool, which have very specific characteristics in their music, we chose to work with him, and we could not have been happier with the result.”

The recordings of ‘Awakening’ happened in Brazil, at São Paulo’s studio PSP and produced by Tiago Pollon. The work is available on major digital platforms such as Spotify:

From the disc were taken two music videos, ‘Second Breath’ and the recently released ‘Welcome’, both directed by Paula Alvarez:


Second Breath:


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