News published Friday, July 28, 2017

Working on the final adjustments of their first full album, the band from Rio Grande do Sul, WORSIS, present the cover and the title of the material.

The album is titled ‘Blinded By The System’ and the beautiful cover is another work of artist Hugo Silva, from Abacrombie Ink (

“The concept of the disc’s cover is to portray the current Brazilian political scene, where we are blinded and deceived by corrupt politicians who swim in money and in their speeches wear their mask trying to hide who they really are.

“I had been following Hugo’s work for some time, and when we started thinking about artists to make the cover he was the first one that came in mind, so we decided to talk and give him some ideas, after a few days he sent us a sketch that we enjoyed a lot, and then the finished art that captured our idea very well.”

‘Blinded By The System’ was recorded at Black Stork Studio with producer Thiago Caurio. For the mix was recruited another great name of national metal, Benhur Lima, and for mastering, another reference of the subject in Brazil: Marcel van der Zwam.

The album is scheduled to be released in September of this year and more news will be presented shortly. To not miss anything, go ahead and follow WORSIS fanpage:


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