News published Thursday, June 29, 2017

Set to be released in August, DARK AVENGER’s new album, ‘The Beloved Bones: Hell’, was pushed forward and will now be released on July 13!

The disc is already in pre-order exclusively by the email with worldwide shipping.

For those who already want to feel a taste of what is coming in the most mature and ambitious album of DARK AVENGER, the group has just released a single in lyric video format. The song chosen is the track tha names the work, ‘The Beloved Bones’, check out:

The whole concept of ‘The Beloved Bones: Hell’ was created by Mário Linhares and counts on compositions by the singer and guitarists Glauber Oliveira and Hugo Santiago. Glauber signs the production recording and mixing of the disc, that were realized in Asylum Studios, in Brasília/DF. The mastering was in charge of Tony Lindgren and the art of the cover was in the hands of French Bernard Bitler.


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