News published Saturday, June 10, 2017

Anticipating the release of their new, and eagerly anticipated, album ‘The Beloved Bones: Hell’, DARK AVENGER have made available the work for some specialized media vehicles in Brazil.

One of those who received and already published a review was the respected Metal Samsara, who surrendered “to the charms” of the album and awarded it with a maximum score and the words: “It is heavy, thought provoking, wonderfully engaging, illustrating the conflict between the Emotional and the Rational in all of us before the life(…)”

The text showed that the editor, Marcos “Big Daddy” Garcia, went deep into the album to try to extract several of its nuances:

“Despite being an easy-to-assimilate record, ‘The Beloved Bones’ shows a unique musical complexity, as the group shows exquisite arrangements in each instrument, as well as vignettes and narratives to acclimatize the listener. Not to mention that the vocals are even better, using a very good range of timbres. That is, DARK AVENGER is like a good wine: the older the better.”

The article ends with the editor being frank and direct: “The Beloved Bones’ is a phenomenal album, which shows that DARK AVENGER still have their place among the big names in national metal.”

Read the full review (in Portuguese) through the link:

‘The Beloved Bones: Hell’ is scheduled to be released on August 1st and can be considered the most ambitious of the group’s career.

The album follows a conceptual line, in which the interlocutor talks to himself on a journey into the SELF, in a clash between the emotional and rational, going through eleven mental stages of those who cross a period of dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

The material had all the concept created by the frontman Mário Linhares and counts on compositions by the singer and also by the guitarists Glauber Oliveira and Hugo Santiago. Glauber signed the entire production, as well as recording and mixing the album at Glauber’s Asylum Studios, in Brasília/DF. The mastering was in charge of Tony Lindgren, that worked with several names of worldwide Metal.

The cover art was in the hands of the French graphic artist Bernard Bitler, and represents the feelings and mental emanations present in the album.


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