News published Friday, May 19, 2017

One of the most respected names in Brazilian extreme metal, SODOMA, released last year their new album, ‘Mutapestaminação’ by their own label Altera Pars.

The work is undoubtedly the musical and lyrical apex of the group’s career so far and since its launch has been showing all the strength of SODOMA’s Black Metal sung in Portuguese.

“Made with the utmost commitment and dedication of all members of the horde, ‘Mutapestaminação’ is undoubtedly a milestone in our discography, from the beginning it was thought and rethought about various aspects and concepts.

“We worked not only on the musical/lyrical issue or the obscure thematic that the album should sound, but also on the cover art approach and illustrations, we put everything on paper and passed to the artists who would contribute to this new idea, we worked to not have limitation in matters of production or launching/distribution, so we abdicate labels at the end of the process and we resolve to take charge of our concept of independence (underground). We created a label called Altera Pars Records and so it will follow in the next releases, finally we managed to launch by ourselves with all the costs.

“Today, after all this process of creation, production/recording and release, we are extremely satisfied with the result and believe that it is only the beginning of a long journey.”

‘Mutapestaminação’ features nine tracks and was produced by Victor Hugo Targino from VH Records. Already cover art was in the hands of Rafael Tavares (Chaos Synopsis, Desdominus, Luxuria de Lilith, etc).

SOMOMA continue promoting the album and celebrating the extreme acceptance of it, which was cited as one of the main releases of 2016 by zine Ocvlta Insanidade and by the program Peste Negra from Cangaço Rock.

Listen to a song taken from the disc, ‘Pesthereticanonica’:


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