News published Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The band DARKSHIP has just announced its new member, vocalist Marcos Follador, who arrives bringing new inspirations to the next albums and continuing the “We Are Lost” tour.

“Marcos owns a strong and striking voice, with a lot of maturity to perform the songs, elements that we look for in a musician and someone who has responsibility and could match with my vocal lines, of course,” commented Silvia Cristina, lead singer of band.

Marcos Follador was born in the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, and at the age of six won his first musical instrument, starting music lessons at school and then his musical life. Since then his passion for music has only increased.

“My dad had a collection of vinyl records and I listened to them all, from classic songs, to the hits of the time. Already at that age, the music entered my mind and moved my feelings, I used to love to memorize the songs and then come out singing, be it any musical theme from the TV shows I watched, tapes or vinyl of the time. So I started singing classics like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and Metallica, since then I didn’t stop and continued studying to improve my technique.” – Marcos Follador says.


Drummer and founder of DARKSHIP, Joel Pagliarini, makes clear that his career with the band cannot stop and, with the departure of the former vocalist in January, the band opened space for new members:

“I already knew Marcos from other works where I had the pleasure of playing together, I knew his ability and his potential as a vocalist, a guy who is very technical and at the same time precise with his vocals, I just have to say that it’s awesome to work with people like him and having the possibility to take the band to other dimensions, new ideas that will add a lot of our voice duo.”

In the same way Rodrigo Schäfer, bass player, says that when he heard the Marcos’ voice coming firmly and shivering in the song ‘Prison Of Dreams’, saw that there was DARKSHIP’s new singer.

More news coming soon! Watch the band’s two music videos:

Fronzen Feelings:

II Hearts:


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