News published Thursday, November 24, 2016

All prepared for one of the great revelations of the Brazilian Black Metal, CREPTUM, to show their power to South America.

The tour starts on the 25th of this month and ends on 11 December, passing through 11 cities and three countries: Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.


Named ‘Through The Ashes and Ancient Bones’, the tour is part of the promotion concerts for the recently released album, ‘of lies, curses and blood’.

The album was released in Brazil by Mutilation Records. The work was recorded at studio Ponto Zero and produced by Eric Cavalcante (Deimous Nefus), the cover was in the hands of Raphael Grizilli (Tanatos) and mastering happened at Absolute Master.

Remembering that CREPTUM has just released the first video clip taken from work. The song chosen was the opening track ‘On The Pale Horse’.


To purchase the album or any CREPTUM merchandise, contact the band by email or Facebook.


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