News published Friday, November 04, 2016

Since the first release, the EP ‘Conscience’, [MAUA] have entered the radar of fans of Death/Thrash Metal stuffed with technique. Now with its debut, the group proves that this interest is more than deserved!

‘Unconscience’, released this year, takes the group to a new level and has been celebrated by fans and the media. The site Metal Samsara was direct: “One of the best national records of the year, without a doubt!”

Another traditional site to surrender to [MAUA]’s talent Arte Metal, which its editor Vitor Franceschini declared that the album is “one of the best albums of the year, without blinking.”

Many other specialized sites also commented on ‘Uncosncience’:

“… one of the best national albums of 2016” – A Música Continua a Mesma
“… I was impressed with such brutality, quality, creativity” – Arrepio Produções
“… this excellent album brings the aggressiveness of a Technical Death” – Metal na Lata
“What a great band!” – Rebel Rock!
“… an impactful album” – Brasil Metal História
“… one of the best underground bands” – Heavy and Hell


‘Unconscience’ recently received, in addition to the physical version in digipack, a digital version and is available in all major digital music companies in the world. To listen or even get your digital copy of the album, just go to your favorite platform and do a search, or if you prefer, follow one of the links below:

Play Store:
CD Baby:


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