News published Thursday, September 01, 2016

In addition to the complex musicality and lyrics, AEON PRIME’s first disc, ‘Future Into Dust’, also draws the attention of the public and media for their depth and, why not, its melancholy.

The complex cover was created by artist Ed Anderson. For us to we take a deeper journey through the exciting world of AEON PRIME, guitarist Yuri Simões tells us all the details of ‘Future Into Dust’ cover:

“The cover itself was totally conceived by Ed, who is an amazing artist. However, ever since the beginning, we asked him to send us some sketches based on a few of our lyrics, and it was the lyrics of “Future Into Dust”, the title-track, that gave birth to the artwork that would be chosen as our album cover. Even though it is based on the idea of an abandoned elderly home and everything that is told in the lyrics, the cover brings other elements that focus on other concepts addressed by other lyrics on the album, like the small cemetery in the background, or the sunshine coming to the center of the cover, which in a certain way represent our inner conflicts regarding birth and death. Some people have found the artwork a little too “dark” to our music, but, speaking for myself, especially because I know our lyrical content better, I think it fits perfectly”.

‘Future Into Dust’ was produced, mixed and mastered by none other than renowned producer Pedro Esteves (Liar Symphony) and included “vocal coaching” by the singer Leandro Caçoilo (Seventh Seal, Pit Passarell).


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