News published Thursday, April 21, 2016

Cover and title presented, it’s time to dive deeper into the new work of the Black Metallers, CREPTUM: ‘of lies, curses and blood’.

The disc, which will be released by Mutilation Records, has nine songs, including both present in the single ‘In The Arms Of Death’, here re-recorded and revised. Check out the tracklist:

1 – On The Pale Horse
2 – In The Arms of Death
3 – Against the Lies
4 – An Inevitable End
5 – Burn The Cross
6 – The Unknown Darkness
7 – Through the Flames and Shadows
8 – New Aeon Misanthropy
9 – The Black Sword

The cover was in the hands of the singer Raphael Grizilli (Tanatos), which besides musician is artist and designer, and is already taking care of the visual identity of the band since its return.


‘of lies, curses and blood’ was recorded at studio Ponto Zero (Santo André-SP) and produced by Eric Cavalcante (Deimous Nefus), also the band’s guitarist.


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