News published Friday, March 11, 2016


HIBRIA’s lineup is again complete. The group, one of the leading names in Brazilian Metal today, has just announced that the musician Ivan Beck is the new bass player.

Since the invitation to join the band, Ivan Beck made really clear how motivated he was with the possibility of joining HIBRIA, a band which he had already known and respected for many many years. He learnt the songs very quickly and our jaws dropped during the audition!

As the rest of the band, Ivan is from South Brazil. This guy is a tremendous musician and also very versatile. Besides his stupendous bass playing, he is also a music teacher and multi-instrumentalist, playing masterfully guitar, piano, among others. Ivan recently released his first instrumental Jazz solo album (his crush besides Heavy-Metal), named “QUANDO AS NOTAS SAEM DO PAPEL”.

His Career started 15 years ago, and during this time Ivan played beside great artists as the italian pianist Gianni Di Crescenzo, the guitarrist Frank Solari, and local artists as Jorginho do Trompete, Paulo Dorfmann, Marquinhos Fê, among others.

Again a quintet, the band continues to promote its latest album ‘Hibria’ and has just released a video lyric for the song ‘Ashamed’. More news over the 20 years of HIBRIA will be announced soon.


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