News published Thursday, March 10, 2016

The anticipated debut from one of the new promises coming from the South of Brazil, the band DARKSHIP is available for purchase.

Under the title of ‘We Are Lost’, the album features ten songs and coverart by artist Carlos Fides (Evergrey, Noturnall, Shaman, Almah). To buy the work, just contact the band via email or Facebook.


‘We Are Lost’, besides being the debut DARKSHIP is the first part of a complex trilogy. Check out the tracklist:

1. The Universe Conspires
2. Black Tears
3. I Can Wait For You
4. Different Days
5. We Are Lost
6. Prison Of Dreams
7. Ii Hearts
8. You Can Go Back
9. Eternal Pain
10. Frozen Feelings

The first song taken from work, ‘Frozen Feelings’, got a music video directed by Douglas Castilhos Coutinho.


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