News published Tuesday, March 08, 2016


After presenting the cover and the title of the new album, COLDBLOOD share with us the tracklist of ‘Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil’.

The Brazilian version, which will be released in a partnership between the labels Distro Rock, Mutilation and Feed Bizarre, will have ten tracks and three bonus, check out:

1. Indescribable Physiognomy Of The Devil
2. Tetragrammaton
3. Darkness Above The Firmament
4. The Synchrony Of The Cursed Star
5. Cocoon Of Neophyte
6. Demons Of Nox
7. Sulphur
8. Draco/Pneumatik Phenom
9. Bury The Universe
10. Metaphysical Evil

Bonus tracks:

1. Indescribable Physiognomy Of The Devil (Instrumental version)
2. Draco/Pneumatik Phenom (Instrumental version)
3. Metaphysical Evil (Instrumental version)

‘Indescribable Physiognomy of the Devil’ was mixed and mastered at Underworld Studio in Germany by Mersus that besides producer is the drummer of the band Destroyer 666. The cover was made by the artist Rafael Tavares (Azaghal, Blood Red Throne, Ocultan, NervoChaos, Ophiolatry).


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