News published Friday, March 04, 2016


IT’S ALL RED announce their new bassist.

“After conducting an audition with 8 talented bassists, we are very happy to announce that Juliano Medina is the new member of It’s All Red. Medina is an extremely competent musician and we are confident that his work will please all REDBangers around the world! #StayRed”

Musician for 22 years, multi-instrumentalist and self-taught, Juliano Medina has participated in numerous musical projects, from classical music to extreme metal.

The group follows promoting their latest album ‘Lead By The Blind’. The album brought a renewed band, but without touching the base of their modern, heavy and full of melodies Thrash, which received excellent reviews from the specialized media and several mentions on the famous ‘Best of the Year’ lists.

‘Lead By The Blind’ as well as all material from IT’S ALL RED, is available for sale directly with the band.


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