News published Wednesday, December 16, 2015

With almost everything ready for the release of their first full album, the band DARKSHIP share with us some release details.

As we know, the theme revolves around a conceptual and fictional trilogy about two people in love who are condemned to live eternally distant and show their resistance seeking any possible way to break the curse and be reunited through worlds and sub worlds where will always be controlled by a higher force called “Darkship”. The first disc is expected to release in January/February 2016 and the title is ‘We Are Lost’.

“The album ‘We Are Lost’ is named after working in our theme in a way that conects with the next album, all already thought, not only with a sequence of stories in our conceptual lyrics, but with also continued albums and their titles, which can already pre announce that we will soon have another album that will make the continuation of this, with a repertoire of songs that will pass through various worlds of Darkship.

We worked on this album with a song at a time, to try to portray the most of what we had in thoughts and translating to wake up. In our songs we create something sonic that encompasses rhythms and melodies of power, heavy, prog and ghotic, with orchestral ideas that will merging with a lot of variety of electronic, through lines of vocals with choirs the growling vocals, picking up influences both from pop to death, as from rock to opera. The lyrics have a theme of romantic gothic and that are connected together, leading us to believe that we will have many good things to come.”

‘We Are Lost’ has 10 songs, check out the tracklist:

1. The Universe Conspires
2. Black Tears
3. I Can Wait For You
4. Different Days
5. We Are Lost
6. Prison Of Dreams
7. II Hearts
8. You Can go back
9. Eternal Pain
10. Frozen Feelings

Already the cover of the album was in the hands of the talented artist Carlos Fides, from Artside Studio. The artist has worked with names like Evergrey, Noturnall, Shaman, Almah, etc.


Recalling that the DARKSHIP recently released a music video for the song ‘Frozen Feelings’ which featured the direction of Douglas Castilhos Coutinho.

Soon the band will announce a final date for the release of ‘We Are Lost’.


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