News published Friday, November 20, 2015


This Thursday and Friday Brazil celebrated two important dates: Flag’s Day and The Black Awareness and ARMAHDA on their first album, self-titled, recorded songs related to both subjects.

November 19, day of the Brazilian flag, which marked the creation of the republican flag by decree in 1889. Every year on that day, the flags in poor condition are incinerated in a procedure done by the military. For this day the song is: ‘Flags in the Wind’. “The theme of this song is the patriotism of true patriotic volunteers. It is dedicated to all who chose to die in Brazil. To all who have nothing to fear and are ready to write the History here and now. And that’s the way we want the world to recognize us.”

On November 20th 1695, Zumbi – the Emperor of the Quilombo dos Palmares – was beheaded. He was a symbol of resistance against slavery. In childhood, he was imprisoned by soldiers and educated by Father Antonio Melo. Later returned to Palmares and organized a resistance force. He must be remembered along with Luiza Mahin (Malês and Sabinada Uprising), Ganga Zumba (previous leader of Palmares), and all of Black Lancers from Farroupilha Revolution. For this day the song is: ‘Spears Of Freedom’. “This song is our homage to remember their victories of awareness and those who fought for it. We hope that Spears of Freedom make you think the time when former slaves decided to fight for freedom.”


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