News published Thursday, November 19, 2015


Already warming up for the release of their debut ‘We Are Lost’, DARKSHIP recently released their first video, ‘Frozen Feelings’, and tell us a little about the process of recording the video.

Drummer Joel Pagliarini tells us that at the same time was a very laborious project was also very rewarding and great fun to record the music video, “we recorded all in one weekend, we didn’t have much time to pre-produce this material, it was adapted to what we had of ideas of the song with the scenario where we were recording. When Doulgas pushed the ‘Rec’ of the camera we were so connected that seemed to be playing and having fun at the same time completely focused. I noticed a very mature Darkhip and ready for any kind of situation.”

“When we presented the song to Douglas, he accepted on the spot”, says guitarist Ismael Borsoi. “We sent the material to Douglas and he was very attentive, paid close attention to every detail we wanted to achieve by analyzing images from the shoot to the direction of takes. Everything was on account of our musical and artistic instincts and it worked more than we imagined. It may not be the world’s best clip, of course, but for us it is a great start of something great to come.”

Already the frontman Joel Milani, talks about how the work was in front of the cameras, “the placement and interaction between all the band and between me and Silvia happened naturally, that was really cool, because we thought about having to invent a thousand scenarios, but when it is spontaneously you realize that the whole group is connected and completely in tune not only with their instruments, but with the whole thing. I think we’re only doing what we like with love.”

The work was directed by Douglas Castilhos Coutinho that explains: “It’s always a great challenge to translate the feeling that the music is presenting into pictures. The cool thing was that the Darkship staff trusted me and in my work and it was a great joy to have participated with my ideas, directing and recording, was a huge learning because the guys are very professional, focused on their goals and all the things they want to achieve.”

The album ‘We Are Lost’ is the first in a trilogy that tells a concept and fictional story about two people in love who are controlled by a higher force called “Darkship”.

The work is slated for release in early 2016 and soon new information on ‘We Are Lost’ will be announced.


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