News published Thursday, November 05, 2015

The band NAHTAIVEL released the entire discography for free download and streaming at Bandcamp.

For those who don’t know, NAHTAIVEL is the Industrial/EBM project of Fernando Nahtaivel – keyboardist of the Black Metal band Insane Devotion – already has six albums released since 2002, among them, ‘Killer Speaks’ 2008 released by Wave Records in Brazil and Shadowplay Records in Russia, and its latest album, “Epicus Doomicus Electronicus’ 2014, which was very well received by critics and represents a dramatic change in musical direction of the project.

To download and check out all the albums, please visit:

The albums are available through the system “name your price”, where the user can choose how much to pay for each album, choosing to download free.

Discography of the band:

2014 – Epicus Doomicus Electronicus
2013 – Pon Farr
2011 – Midnight Sessions
2008 – Killer Speaks
2006 – Opus 93
2002 – Paradoxical Libertine Symbiosis