News published Saturday, May 09, 2015

HELLARISE is preparing to announce new projects already in the oven and also features a new photo shoot.

The new photos were on account of the photographer, journalist and videomaker Alessandra M. Martins. Check out at the group’s official Flickr:

The band is also preparing news for very soon.


Was also launched the lyric video for the song ‘More Than Alive’. The song is part of the latest EP released by the group, the widely praised ‘Functional Disorder’. Watch:

‘Functional Disorder’ was released in 2013 in virtual format and reaped great results for the band, as mentions as one of the best EP of the year, best vocalist and again put HELLARISE as revelations of the national scene.

Already the physical disc was released with the support of the public who donated sums for the crowd funding project was approved.

‘Functional Disorder’ was recorded at studio Pedrada Express and the cover was designed by the artist Vivian Mota.


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