News published Friday, December 05, 2014

SHADOWS LEGACY is back with a new job! In the same year they launched the petard ‘You’re Going Straight To Hell’, the group launches another job. Creativity to the fullest.

This time is the EP ‘Blood and Sweat’ which is being released and the best: free of charge! To download, just click the link:

‘Blood and Sweat’ has four songs, an unreleased; a cover for the song ‘Portal do Inferno’ originally released by the 80ies band Alta Tensão; an acoustic version of ‘Far From the Light’ and a version of ‘Hate Within’ done by Blaze Bayley himself.


Recalling that the SHADOWS LEGACY recently partnered with the label Arthorium Records and the album ‘You’re Going Straight To Hell’ will be distributed internationally by the company.


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