News published Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Another proof of the love and devotion of Japanese fans for HIBRIA: the band just won their first official fan club.

The fan club was named Tiger Club Maniac, clearly a quote of the classic ‘Tiger Punch’ and the phrase that not only print some of the band’s shirts, but the heart of its musicians: ‘Metal Maniac Inside’.

On the site – only in Japanese – the fan club organized a huge amount of information and material from the entire career of HIBRIA, check out:

Remembering that HIBRIA was confirmed as one of the attractions of the famous American ProgPower festival in its edition of 2015. It will be the debut of the band in the United States!

The band also announced the re-release “Defying the Rules”, which will be re-recorded and released in Japan. For the art of the material the band launched a competition, artists from around the world can participate, check:

And also recently, HIBRIA released a new video for the song ‘Shall I Keep On Burning?’ from the latest album ‘Silent Revenge’. The clip was recorded on a technology rarely used in Brazil: 4K or Ultra HD, check out:

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