News published Friday, July 04, 2014

The company ON FIRE BOOKING AGENCY, in charge of the Brazilian tour of thrash metal band NUCLEAR WARFARE, announces all dates.

01/08/14 – FRIDAY – VIELA UNDERGROUND – Caçapava/SP


03/08/14 – SUNDAY – LOLLAPALOOZA – Santo André/SP

08/08/14 – FRIDAY – TEMPURÃO – Arujá/SP

09/08/14 – SATURDAY – MANIFESTO BAR – São Paulo/SP

10/08/14 – SUNDAY – Bar Da Aldeia – Jundiaí/SP

15/08/14 – FRIDAY – CQC – Salto/SP

16/08/14 – SATURDAY – GUARU METAL FEST – Guarulhos/SP

The band NUCLEAR WARFARE was formed in 2001 in Stuttgart, Germany. In their curriculum we have two EPs and three studio albums, the most recent being the critically acclaimed ‘God Of Aggression’.

More information about the tour can be acquired directly with OnFire by email.


The OnFire is a German-Brazilian company specializing in European tours, which have led to the Old Continent bands as EXECUTER, ANDRALLS, WOSLOM, KAMALA, FORKA, HARLLEQUIN, DISGRACE AND TERROR, DESALMADO and ASTAFIX.

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