News published Wednesday, June 25, 2014

NERVOCHAOS released two videos with images of the band’s fifth tour in Europe.

The first video features the song live ‘The Harvest’, the first track from the new album ‘The Art Of Vengeance’. The images were captured at the concert in Tuzla, Bosnia.

The second video, ‘From Below And Not Above’, features the fifth song from the new album:

The band is also preparing a music video for the song ‘Devil’s Work’, which will be released soon.

‘The Art Of Vengeance’ is NERVOCHAOS’ sixth studio album and was released in early June. The material was recorded in Rio de Janeiro at studio HR. The new album features production by Alex Azzali, Italian who was also responsible for producing the band’s previous album, ‘To the Death’. The recordings also relied on the sound engineers Felipe Eregion and Daniel Escobar.

Already the cover art was done by Marco Donida who is also musician of the bands Matanza, Hellsakura and Enterro.

The first pressing of ‘The Art Of Vengeance’ has a bonus DVD entitled ‘Warriors on the Road 2’.


At this very moment the band is touring Europe alongside the legendary Dutch group Centurian and the Brazilian Warcursed. Soon more information about the tour.

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