News published Wednesday, June 11, 2014


The first album from Traditional Heavy Metal band SHADOWS LEGACY has been very well received by the Brazilian press.

Check out a list of quotes about ‘You’re Going Straight To Hell’:

“Enters the list of national Metal great records” – Arte Metal
“Ready to to attend the national high dome of metal” – Heavy Metal Brasil
“A well composed and balanced work” – Metal Brazil História
“Huge spontaneity” – Metal Samsara
“May become a reference in Traditional metal from Brazil” – Mondo Metal
“A pure and unique essence, without inventing” – Whiplash!
“Great Performance” – Máquina Profana Fest
“It will not take long to become a classic” – Heavy and Hell
“The tracks seem to have the right formula” – Underground Resistance Brasil
“Cann’t stop listening” – Acervo Clave
“Everything here near perfection” – Anti-Hero Recordz
“From headbanger to headbanger” – Road To Metal
“Pure Heavy Metal and no frills” – Metal Generation
“And then we find ourselves doing dueling air guitars” – Arena Metal PE

The album ‘You’re Going Straight To Hell’ was recorded at studio Anubis, with producer Aldo Carmine. The cover was made by the artist Leonardo Amorim.

From the album were also taken two videos, ‘The Sky Is Falling Down’ and ‘Hate Within’, while the second has the participation of former IRON MAIDEN singer Blaze Bayley.

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