News published Friday, March 21, 2014

HIBRIA is currently the most successful Brazilian band in Japan. The group was the only Brazilian band that entered the polls for the major specialized publication in Asia, the renowned magazine Burrn!, Indicating the strong popularity and support the band has in Nipponese lands.

The group appeared in four best of the year items:

Best band – ahead of names like AC/DC and Slayer.
Best singer (Iuri Sanson) – ahead of names like Rob Halford (Judas Priest), Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden)
Best drummer (Eduardo Baldo) – ahead of names like Neil Peart (Rush), Dave Lombardo (ex-Slayer)
Best Bassist (Benhur Lima) – ahead of names like Geddy Lee (Rush), David Ellefson (Megadeth)


And support was not lacking this year, both the band, as his musicians and the album ‘Silent Revenge’ were cited by specialized websites as one of the leading names of the year. The same happened for popular votes that always put the name of HIBRIA among the major, or the main name, as in the case of voting at the website Whiplash, the most visited page about Rock/Metal in Brazil (see:

But this recognition was not limited to Brazilian borders. Many foreign websites have cited the latest work of the quintet as one of the major releases. One of the highlights was undoubtedly the pool won by the at the Colombian website Factor Metal via popular vote, electing ‘Silent Revenge’ as the best album of Latin Metal (see:


But the quotes and votes were many, check out a compiled of some:

Best band and among the best albums and musicians in voting on Whiplash (Brazil)
Among the best albums, bands, concerts and musicians in voting on Roadie Crew (Brazil)
Among the best bands by Daniel Tavares/Whiplash (Brazil)
Among the best albums in voting on Road to Metal (Brazil)
‘Silent Revenge’ among the best of 2013 by Metal Samsara (Brazil)
Among the best of 2013 by Costabile Salzano Jr./The Ultimate Press (Brazil)
Among the best of 2013 on Arte Metal (Brazil)
Among the best albums by Junior Frasca/Whiplash (Brazil)
Among the best albums on All That Metal (Brazil)
Among the best albums on Combate Rock/UOL (Brazil)
Among the best albums on Heavy Metal Brasil(Brazil)
Album, concert and song of the year on Blog dos Feras (Brazil)
Among the best of 2013 by Maicon Leite/Wargods Press & Roadie Crew (Brazil)
Among the best albums of the year by Thiago Rahal Mauro/Roadie Crew (Brazil)
Among the top of 2013 in voting on HeavynRoll (Brazil)
Among the best video clips on A Ilha do Metal (Brazil)
Among the best albums by Michelle DuPont/Dark Radio & PinUp Crazy (Brazil)
Best Latin Metal release in voting on Factor Metal (Colombia)
Among the best albums on Rock & Roll Magazine (Argentina)
Among the best albums on Headbangers Latinoamerica (Chile)

And it just motivates Hibria to continue working increasingly heavy to honor all that trust and support given by the media and fans. And be prepared, many news this year!

Watch the two music videos taken from the album “Silent Revenge”:

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