News published Wednesday, September 25, 2013

With the proximity of the release of their first album, ‘Chaos Before The End’, the headbanger public has turned its attention to the band. But anyway, what they mean by VETOR?

After following messages asking the real meaning of the group, VETOR (Vector in English) decided to explain in the reason for the name’s choice:

“The idea of ??putting the name was based on the eponymous book of the author Robin Cook. Vetor is every living being able to transmit an infectious agent, an active or passive. An infectious agent is any bacteria or virus capable of infecting an organism. The active transmission occurs when the vetor is infected and then infects other species of organism. The passively occurs when the vetor is not infected by infectious agent, but because the infection of other species of organism.” – explains Luciano Gavioli.

Based on this interpretation, the VECTOR also presents its new symbol, designed by friend Vinnie Savastanno of the renowned band Rygel.


VECTOR is at the studio O Beco recording work  ‘Chaos Before The End’ and soon to announce further details of the work.

Listen to a song:

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