News published Tuesday, September 03, 2013

There are certain bonds in life that don’t break, neither with death, and proof of that is the esteem and admiration that the band SHADOWS LEGACY has with the musician Gilberto Bandeira, guitarist, who died in a motorcycle accident occurred in September 2007.

Seeking a little of the band’s history in this fateful event, then still known only as LEGACY and composed by Wille Cardoso (vocals), Will (drums), Leandro (guitar), Luciano (Low) and Gilberto (guitar), when the accident occurred.

The band, now with the name SHADOWS LEGACY, wrote a song which dedicated especially to Gilberto Bandeira, one of the founders of the band: ‘I Remember My Friend’.

Recently the band also released the new EP “Rage and Hate”, for free download, please visit the link:

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