News published Wednesday, June 26, 2013

After harvest fruits extremely positive with its first work, YEKUN prepares to finally record the debut album.

With the addition of new guitarist, André Abreu, the group announced that more than half of the new material is already composed and more news will be announced soon.

The Demo ‘Inside My Headache’ showed, both for the public and to the media, an uncommon band that mix psychedelia, abstractionism, a touch of gloomy and weight, too much weight, a style with strong tendencies to Stoner Metal. But the weight and complexity are not restricted only to the group’s music, its lyrics also represent well the deep and dark side of the human being.

The band that came silently managed to wrest sighs not only from metal fans, but also from the specialized media with its debut ‘Inside My Headache’. The media that declared YEKUN as “great promise of the national scene” (Hell Yeah!) as in just three songs the group is “squandering weight, melody, psychedelia and brutality at once” (Metal Samsara).

But the accolades do not stop there, check out some more quotes from ‘Inside My Headache’:

“Sound with a colossal weight” – Arte Metal
“It has energy and captivates the listener” – Whiplash!
“Identity” – Dark Radio
“Songs for headbanging from start to finish” – Pólvora Zine

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