News published Tuesday, June 18, 2013


We all know that NERVOCHAOS is a group that always had an unerring aim: lead its Death Metal to the four corners of the world.

But it is undeniable that since the release of ‘Battalions of Hate’ the group is in a growing, not only in Brazil, but worldwide, including the opportunity to tour around Asia!

After ‘Battalions of Hate’ the group released the album that can be called the “solidifying point” of the name NERVOCHAOS among the top names of Death Metal: ‘To The Death’.

Released in Brazil by the famous Cogumelo Records and worldwide by Greyhaze Records, ‘To The Death’ showed the band at its best, even being mentioned as “another masterpiece” by renowned site Heavy Metal Brazil.

The magazine Roadie Crew rated ‘To The Death’ as “the more creative, ambitious and exciting disc ever released by them” and would not be for less, as confirmed by the prominent site Metal Samsara that, in addition to delivering the highest score, ranked the disk as an “authentic sound massacre as is rarely seen”.

But the accolades were not limited to Brazil, as we see in some reviews around the world:

“Chaotic, crushing and relentless in its attack” – Heavy Metal Tribune (Singapore)
“Songs that rip your head like an axe” – The Breathless Sleep (Spain)
“There’s plenty of great classic death metal here” – The Grim Tower (USA)
“Everything is deliberately catchy and traditional” – Cross Fire Metal (Germany)
“To The Death thrums with hunger and personality” – Decibel Magazine (USA)

Joining these compliments and top scores in various publications, the work was chosen as one of the best releases of 2012 in Brazil, so we can say: “Yes, We are facing another Brazilian power of the style! NERVOCHAOS”.

‘To The Death’ is available for sale throughout Brazil and around the world, at the best shops and directly from the band.

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