News published Saturday, March 23, 2013


[MAUA] is present in the compilation captained by the label Violent Records, ‘Endless Massacre’ in its volume number five.

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Check out the bands participating in the compilation:
1. Imperious Malevolence (Death Metal) Curitiba/PR
2. Jack Devil (Thrash Metal) São Luis/MA
3. Chemical Disaster (Death Metal) Santos/SP
4. Supersonic Brewer (Thrash Metal) Bento Gonçalves/RS
5. Antrofetido (Death Metal) Belém/PA
6. Leprous (Thrash Metal) Fortaleza/CE
7. Ocultan (Black Metal) São Paulo/SP
8. Massacre (Thrash Metal) Limeira/SP
9. Forbidden Ideas… (Death/Grind) São Paulo/SP
10. Attomica (Thrash Metal) São José dos Campos/SP
11. Imperador Belial (Speed/Power/Black Metal) São Gonçalo/RJ
12. Psychotic Eyes (Thrash/Death) São Paulo/SP
13. Crunch Delights (Splatter/Death) Curitiba/PR
14. [maua] (Thrash/Death Metal) Aracaju/SE
15. NervoChaos (Death Metal) São Paulo/SP
16. Blasphemical Procreation (Black Metal) Juiz de Fora/MG
17. Haboryn (Thrash Metal) Coro/Venezuela
18. Hateful Carnage (Death Metal) Itapetininga/SP
19. Plague Remains (Thrash Metal) Bauru/SP

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