News published Friday, November 16, 2012

Counting the days for the launch of its new job, RHESTUS presents the cover of the new EP, entitled ‘HEAVY METAL’.

More than appropriate title for the work of a band that in its nearly 20 years took to heart this love and dedication to style. “We know that the cover is simple with and cliché, but this is the intention. Show to everyone that everything is ‘Heavy Metal’, without divisions, labels and prejudices, Rhestus is that, even though our sound is centered on Thrash, we are all Metal, we live Metal and born of Heavy Metal.” Commented Alex Fantasma, proving again this total dedication to heavy music.

The cover artwork was designed by the group’s drummer, Marcos ‘Marcão’ Diegel.

The EP is in final production and will soon be announced all the details and release date of the work.

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