News published Thursday, October 11, 2012

Called “warriors of the Brazilian underground” (Whiplash –, the musicians of GESTOS GROSSEIROS took a big step towards national recognition – and international – of their great work.

Work which has been developed since the distant year of 1998 that each new release takes the group to new horizons and that “fills our underground with pride” as the words of a review published on site Som Extremo (

Already the site Metal Samsara tells us that ‘Satanchandising’ is a “great record, and a band that deserves much more space in the underground” (, which agrees with what was said on the website Heavy Metal Brasil, that challenges “any extreme metal fan to not impress with this first class work” (

All this proves that we are facing another great work of our so rich underground. ‘Satanchandising’ was recorded, mixed and mastered in Sao Paulo at Masterpiece studio, under the tutelage of musician and producer Pedro Esteves (Liar Symphony).

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