News published Friday, June 22, 2012

RED FRONT prepares for another Thrash assault in South America, and this time accompanied by the Uruguayan’s hermanos RADICAL.

The partnership will be a kind of exchange between the bands and their countries of origin, Radical shares the stage with RED FRONT in Brazil and our Thrashers will do the same on Uruguayan soil.

“This type of partnership is very cool and very beneficial to the South American scene, our neighbors have a very strong metal scene and more united than ours, will be a fantastic experience!” says the singer Leo.

The scheduled dates are:
16/11 – Bragança Paulista, Brasil
17/11 – TBA, Brasil
18/11 – Campinas, Brasil
07/12 – Florida, Uruguay
08/12 – Montevideo, Uruguay
09/12 – Juan Lacaze, Uruguay

In parallel the band continues writing and preparing the successor to the acclaimed ‘Memories Of War’.

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