News published Monday, December 19, 2011

After presenting details of the recording and the cover, the band NERVOCHAOS now presents the musicians who make more than special participations on its new album, ‘To The Death’.

In the list of big names are: Jão (Ratos de Porão) in the song “Sheep Amongst Wolves’, Ralph Santolla (Obituary / Deicide) in the song ‘The Exile’, Bolverk (Ragnarok) in the song ‘Hate’ and Morgan (Marduk) in song ‘Gospel Of Judas’.

Guitarist and vocalist Guiller does not hide the pride of having great names in NERVOCHAOS’ new album: “We are truly honored with these contributions, many of them influences our music and to share the work with renowned musicians of this size is basically a dream come true.”

The studio chosen for the work was the Flames Studios in Rio de Janeiro. The work is being produced by the band and the engineers Igor & Victor. The CD will be mixed and mastered by Alex Azzali at Alpha Omega Studios in Milan, Italy.

Already the cover art, had both the concept and the art itself, created by artist Joe Petagno, who created art for bands like Motorhead, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Nazareth, Marduk, among others.

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