News published Friday, November 25, 2011

The band LYCANTHROPY has just signed a partnership with Underground Brasil Distro for the distribution of their latest work, the acclaimed EP ‘Beware’.

The work was produced and played by renowned drummer Ricardo Confessori that besides producing, he is a musician of the bands Angra and Shaman. ‘Beware’ has been collecting positive reviews wherever it goes, and is even considered the release of the month in ‘Garage Demos’ of the magazine Roadie Crew.

“It’s a partnership that makes us very proud. I can say that we are honored that our sound is being spread in various parts of the country. Underground Brasil Distro is a reference in Manaus and is becoming more popular throughout Brazil. It’s a partnership that has begun to bear fruit and it will yield much more” concluded Laurencce Martins.

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