News published Saturday, November 05, 2011

The band SACRIFICED, which recently had its debut, ‘The Path Of Reflections’ released in the market by renowned label Shinigami Records, is present in another renowned work: the collection ‘Upcoming Hell 4’ of the constantly growing magazine Hell Divine.

Check out all the bands participating:
01.A Sorrowful Dream – Body, Mercy and Madness
02.Anchor – The Anchor, The Ship & The Lighthouse
03.Bywar – Poltergeist Time
04.Chemical Disaster – Mankind Under God’s Wrath
05.Cleanse Kill – Nexus Humanis
06.Exhortation – Mental Torture pt.2
07.Holy Week Ends – A Night Of Damnation
08.Nuestro Odio – Apocalipse
09.Omfalos – Bipolar Affective Disorder Suite
10.Pervencer – Hypocrisy
11.Sacrificed – Endless Sin
12.Senandioma – Be Stupid And Die
13.Slow Bleeding – Corpo Sem Alma
14.Sodamned – Tortures and Nighmare
15.Trayce – Made of Stone
16.Vulcano – Infamous Poet

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