News published Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The band LOSNA always draws attention wherever it goes, whether by the partnership between the sisters Débora and Fernanda, the extremism of their songs or by the acidity of the lyrics. On the latest work, ‘Distilling Spirits’, the band presents a natural evolution, but without opening the hands of its very particular characteristics.

With its raw thrash metal with a touch of Death, Crossover, the band goes against the direction of many bands that “soften” their stance for an easy “digestion” of their work.

Since the debut ‘Wild Hallucinations’, the group has sought an original sound, analog, and came right where wanted with the new album in songs such as: ‘Room 55’, ‘Merde’, ‘Crossing The Bar’, among others that compose the album.

Already their lyrics are a separate story. Always highly intelligent and trying to get out of the common good, they struggle against human conformism that is slaughtering the world. “We are rebels by nature… We descend from fighter, riotous and vigilante people. We have the habit of antagonism against oppressive patronage, against the gag, against repression, for freedom of expression. Our struggle is constant and timeless. We fought yesterday, now and forever! Of course, it all reflects in our lyrics, music and attitude”.

But those who believe that the band is against the use of technology are wrong. Another of its features is the proper use of the image to promote their music and ideas, a detail that can be checked in the music videos produced by the band:

The album ‘Spirits Distilling’ which was declared as a work that “tries to keep the trio in their firm roots and serves to show that the band walked more steps to establish itself among the great of the genre in national underground” by the site Metal Clube can be found for sale directly with the band by e-mail: and Metal Media mailorder (

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